Homerton’s biggest and best May Ball yet takes place from 16th June 2017 to 17th June 2017. In order to make it as spectacular and brilliant as it will be, we need your help! If you are interested in working at Homerton May Ball 2017, please check out the roles we have available below.

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Hours Pay
Full-time Worker 19:00–05:00 £70
Full-time Area Supervisor 18:00–05:00 £90
Half-on/Half-off Worker 19:00–00:00 or 00:00–05:00* Free Entry
Clear-up Worker 05:00 onwards £20

* All half-time workers will be required to sign in at 19:00.

Full-time and Half-on/Half-off
  • Cleaning: You will be responsible for keeping the Ball clean and tidy. This involves litter-picking, maintaining the bathrooms, and dealing with spillages and breakages.
  • Security: Assisting the contracted security staff to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Includes dealing with potential gate-crashers and matters of health and safety.
  • Ents runners: Assisting the Ents officers in putting on the best show possible. This involves direct engagement with acts and equipment. You must be well-organised, prepared to respond and adapt quickly to any situation, have a friendly demeanour and be comfortable engaging with our acts.
  • Cloakroom workers: Responsible for organisation and manning of the cloakroom services at the May Ball. You must be incredibly reliable and organised in order to maintain an effective and efficient cloakroom system for our guests.
  • On-call: You will be required to be flexible in the range of jobs you perform during the Ball as you could be called upon to fulfil any of the roles listed above. You must be adaptable and willing to learn new skills quickly.

You will be asked to express a first choice and second choice preference for the roles which you would like to apply for. However, if you are unsuccessful in applying for your prefered roles, your application may be considered for other roles.

Area Supervisor

The role of Area Supervisor is one of leadership, management and responsibility. You will be responsible for the supervision of all workers in your assigned area of the Ball, including registering workers on and off shifts, instructing workers in your area, and acting as the point of contact between the workers and the Personnel Officers/other Committee members. You must be approachable, proactive, and enthusiastic about leading your team of workers to help make the Ball as enjoyable and safe for our guests as possible.

Clear-up Worker

Your role will involve working with Committee members to clear up after the Ball. You must be flexible and prepared to perform a variety of tasks as directed by the Committee. You will be required to work for no longer than 3 hours.

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Personnel Officers, Eloïse and Kaylyn via email. Also, make sure to visit and like our Facebook page.